Clearing Services

Volant is the one-stop shop for clearing and custody.


As a member of the Depository Trust Company (DTC) and the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC), Volant acts as a custodian for a wide variety of asset classes, including equities, exchange traded funds (ETFs), and exchange traded options. Volant also provides asset servicing solutions including processing dividend payments, stock splits, exercise and assignment activity, and more.

Protecting your assets

As a FINRA member carrying firm, Volant considers the safeguarding of client assets as its top priority.  This includes a robust, thorough, and frequent calculation of 15c3-3 reserve and possession or control requirements to ensure you and your customers’ assets are always secure.

Maintaining Security

Security, resiliency, and continuity are at the heart of protecting our customers’ information and assets.  Volant has engineered its systems with these principles in mind.  Using a novel approach to custody services based entirely in the cloud, Volant has engineered a system that is uniquely resilient, stable, and secure.



Always Available

Access to your assets and your data at all times is a crucial component of operating a broker-dealer today.   Volant believes that cloud computing provides the capacity and flexibility to meet the requirements of today’s modern clearing firm.   With our implementation, systems are available 24/7 in multiple geographic regions, ensuring that no matter where your business is located, your accounts will always be available.


Volant supports all of the current equity and option clearing methods available to participants in the US markets today, including correspondent clearing, QSR, and delivery versus payment for equities, and CMTA for options.  Leverage our memberships with the National Securities Clearing Corporation and Options Clearing Corporation to clear your trades, whether they will stay with Volant or clear elsewhere!

In-House Clearing

Clear and settle your trades in a Volant Securities brokerage account.  Use our state-of-the-art API and web portal to manage your accounts and offer streamlined access to your clients.

Correspondent Clearing Agreements (9A/9B)

If your broker-dealer provides execution services to other broker-dealers, Volant Securities can act as your consolidated clearing firm, flipping trades you have executed to your BD clients’ clearing firms.


Use Volant’s self-clearing membership with the Options Clearing Corporation to clear option trades you have executed to your institutional customers.

Delivery Versus Payment

If you are a broker-dealer with institutional clients that have prime or custody relationships, Volant Securities can execute your trades and clear on a DVP basis.

Qualified Special Reprsentative (QSR) Agreements

If your broker-dealer maintains a dark pool, alternative trading system, or other execution venue, Volant Securities can act as your clearing agent to process your trades directly with the National Securities Clearing Corporation.

Real-Time Processing

Volant processes all of your clearance in real-time as your trades occur.  Provide confirmations and records of clearance to your customers, monitor breaks and affirmations, and see the status of all your trades on trade date.

Securities Lending

We provide access to competitive rates for accounts carrying short positions, a robust “Easy To Borrow” list, and access to a deep inventory of locates available via our locate providers. 

Easy To Borrow

Volant provides a robust “easy to borrow” list for correspondents and their customers who are looking to take short positions on eligible securities in a quick and efficient manner.

Transparent pricing

Short stock pricing has traditionally been an opaque process but Volant makes it transparent. We source borrows from the street to give you competitive rates for your short positions, all while passing you daily information on exactly what your costs are.

Powerful Locate providers

When a security is not easy to borrow, work with Volant’s expert staff to acquire a locate to meet your trading needs. With Volant’s extensive securities lending relationship network, your firm can access a wide range of securities with ease.

Margin Financing

Volant offers a robust margin lending program for correspondents looking to offer leverage to their customers.  With access to competitive rates for secured margin lending, and real-time margin requirements via our API, Volant is a prime destination for traders looking to extract as much value from their brokerage accounts as possible.

Margin Requirements

Volant computes risk and margin requirements in near real-time, allowing correspondents to monitor buying power, cash available, and margin calls intraday based on a consolidated view of trading activity in each of their accounts via Volant’s API or web portal.


Equity Requirements

Volant offers Regulation T margin accounts to its correspondents, with margin account minimums starting at just $2,000.

Risk Metrics

Volant maintains both regulatory Reg-T margin calculations as well as an advanced volatility-based house margin calculation to provide a thorough analysis of the risk profile of all accounts.