Clearing and Custody


Real-time Operations

Volant is built on modern technology to process data in real-time. Whether it’s trades, margin, risk, cash, or securities movements, Volant’s systems can handle your transactions intraday.

Outstanding Cybersecurity

Security is at the forefront of Volant’s commitment to protecting our customers’ assets and information.  State-of-the-art security measures including encryption-at-rest and encryption-in-transit of all data handled by the firm, thorough security audits, and strong authentication policies for both customers and employees are just the beginning when it comes to Volant’s efforts to maintain a world-class secure platform.

Zero Downtime

With geo-replication of data and processing resources across the world, Volant’s systems are among the both resilient and dependable.  Additionally, Volant’s cloud architecture allows us to store your data in your geographic region, no matter where in the world you may be located.

Clearing 2.0

Our ability to manage firm operations in real-time allows Volant to monitor positions, margin requirements, breaks, cash and collateral positions without any batch processing or overnight runs.

Volant is able to provide this information back to its clearing partners through its state-of-the-art API as it is compiled and computed, allowing its correspondents to stay up-to-date with the latest trade, clearing, margin, risk and back-office data.

Volant is able to provide alerts to correspondents via email, webhooks, and its API. Examples of event triggers include:

  • ACAT notifications
  • Wire and ACH transfer statuses
  • Margin alerts
  • Changes in account status
  • System status

Volant can also customize alerts. Please contact us to design custom triggers for your specific business needs.


Using the state-of-the-art systems provided by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Computing Platform, Volant has implemented a highly scalable, flexible, resilient, and secure framework on which to operate its clearing and custody operations. 


Volant’s white-label web portal allows our correspondents to provide their users with a custom-branded offering, while we provide a backend with per-tenant scalability, user management, security, and support.


Volant’s cloud architecture allows us to keep your data in your geographic region, no matter where in the world you may be located. This provides you with quicker and more stable access to your data when you need it the most.


Our centralized data warehouse utilizes the latest database technology, leveraging platform-as-a-service capabilities such as automatic patching and version updates, automated backups, high-availability, and near instant scale for unparalleled performance.



Volant has implemented a secure platform to meet the demands of today’s ever-evolving security requirements. We use modern techniques such as encryption of data at-rest and in-transit, multi-factor authentication, network layer protections, and automatic surveillance for adherence to the latest cybersecurity best practices.


Minimizing downtime is crucial in running a clearing operation. Our cloud-native and multi-region infrastructure is designed to mitigate outages and make sure you have access to our systems and your data at all times.


Volant uses the cloud. Is my data secure?

Cloud computing offers exceptional data security and governance. Your data is encrypted and protected in our systems at all times. Also, because Volant is cloud native, as the industry advances, our stack is automatically upgraded with the latest advancements in cybersecurity measures and protocols.

What ways can I get my data from Volant?

Volant provides several convenient methods to interact with the firm’s systems, including:

  • API Access
  • Customer Web Portal
  • Traditional data files via SSH FTP
  • A variety of reports available in convenient formats such as PDF and Excel.
Can we white label your products?

Volant offers a robust white-labeling offering for our correspondents who are looking to provide their brand “look and feel” to our products. 

What are your fees?

Reach out to us at (212) 686-8650 or to receive a consultation and customized fee schedule to meet your firm’s needs.

Where are you colocated?

Volant utilizes Microsoft Azure, one of the world’s most comprehensive cloud platforms, to host our systems and architecture. Because we are cloud-native, our systems are capable of being deployed in multiple datacenters across the globe, and can be replicated to new geographic regions in minutes.  

We also maintain points of presence at Equinix NY4 and 350 Cermak.

What trading platforms do you support?

Volant is platform-neutral when it comes to supporting the trading of our clients. Contact us today about supporting your trading platform in the Volant clearing environment.

How quickly can we onboard at Volant?

At Volant, we understand that changing clearing firms can be challenging for a financial services firm. Volant works with each of its correspondents on a case-by-case basis to meet their needs and ensure that the transition causes as little disruption as possible. Conversions can be completed on an expedited basis, and Volant will work on your schedule to ensure your goals are met.